The telc exams consist of the following parts

Reading comprehension

Listening comprehension

Oral expression

Written expression

        Your reading and listening comprehension will be assessed with multiple-choice exercises and fill-in tasks. Additionally, your speaking and writing skills will also be verified.  In your oral examination you are expected to demonstrate, according to your level, that you can competently express yourself in various situations of everyday life or job-related situations. Most importantly, you should be able talk to and understand other people.

        Written expression
        Depending on your level, your writing skills are also tested. This part of the exam comprehends your understanding and production of texts on the level that you have.

        Telc exams are required, if you
        • want to study in Switzerland and, thus, require a language certificate

        • have to prove your German at the request of an Office, for the naturalization process for Swiss citizenship or for the B or C settlement permit

        • want a job where you have to speak German

        • want to improve your knowledge of the German language

        • need a certificate to prove your language skills

        The telc certificates are based on the European reference framework for languages  of the European Council. For this reason, they are acknowledged everywhere and certify your language level. Whatever level you have – beginner or intermediate – we offer you all relevant telc examinations. Our competent teachers prepare you optimally for your language test without any extra charges.

        Number of participants
        The number of participants is limited; registrations are considered in the order of receipt.

        Examination information
        You receive a written invitation by mail at least two weeks before the examination day.

        The examination fee must be paid according to the payment deadline. The registration is only then considered definite and binding. Non-attendance or cancellations will not be refunded. You will receive the result at the earliest 4 weeks after examination day.