The fide-exam is taken as an individual and consists of two parts:

Oral Examination

Speaking Skills and
Listening Comprehension

Written Examination

Reading Comprehension and
Writing Skills

  • The tasks relate to situations of everyday life in Switzerland

  • The exam is progressive (it starts easy and gets more and more difficult to assess the language level): participants register for the exam without an indication of their desired level

  • The result is determined by your performance in the various parts of the exam. For example: you might get a different level indicator for your speaking than for your reading, but "failed" does not exist. 

After completing the fide language certificate, you will receive a language passport showing the level you have reached (A1, A2 or B1) separately for oral and written competences.

The fide exam is necessary, if you
  • have to prove your German at the request of an Office, for the naturalization process for Swiss citizenship or for the B or C settlement permit

  • want a job where you have to speak German

  • want to improve your knowledge of the German language

  • need a certificate to prove your language skills

Number of participants
The number of participants is limited; registrations are considered in the order of receipt.

Examination information
You receive a written invitation by mail at least one week before the examination day.

The examination fee must be paid according to the payment deadline. The registration is only then considered definite and binding. Non-attendance or cancellations will not be refunded. You will receive the result at the earliest 4 weeks after examination day.

The fide exam