Looking for work in Switzerland

How to find a job in Switzerland

Looking for work in Switzerland

How to find a job in Switzerland

You are new in Switzerland and want to find a job? Switzerland is known for its high work rate. For EU citizens, the blateral agreement has made it easier to enter Switzerland and to find a job here.

There are many ways to find out about vacancies in Switzerland. Here are some of them.

Looking for a job on the Internet and through personal contacts 


Nowadays, most vacancies are advertised and given away on the Internet. There are two ways to find a job. You can find vacancies on various job portals or you can tell employers that you are looking for a job.

These are the web portals, which we recommend:

LinkedIn and Xing

Register for free on www.linkedin.com and www.xing.com and create a profile with all your past jobs, your education and your language skills. Connect with all the people you know and tell them what kind of job you are looking for.

Online job portals

You can search for job opportunities on great job portals such as www.jobs.ch, www.indeed.ch or www.monster.ch . In order to apply quickly and easily, you should create a complete CV. You can also create your own profile on the job portals. There, you can point to your LinkedIn or Xing profile and upload your CV so you can be found better by employers.

At www.ronorp.ch you can also find many interesting jobs from smaller companies in your city.

Newspaper ads

You can also find jobs from small businesses in local newspapers.

Spontaneous application

If you see a company in your area that you like, then you can also apply spontaneously. This is called speclative application. Find out who the HR manager is via the company's website and send your CV together with your cover letter by e-mail. Write in your cover letter about your abilities and why you would like to work for this company.

Circle of acquaintances

Whether in the immigrant association, in your German school or in the sports clob: tell everyone that you are looking for a job, what you are looking for and what kind of work you can do especially well. Only if your acquaintances know what you are looking, they can bring you together with the right employers.

Language skills are an advantage

Four languages are spoken in Switzerland: 

• German: 62.8 % of the population speaks German

• French: 22.9 % of the population speaks French

• Italian: 8.2 % of the population speaks Italian

• Rhaeto-Romanic: 0.5 % of the population speaks Rhaeto-Romanic

It is an advantage if you speak the language of the region in which you live. If you work for an international corporation, good English skills are often enough. For a position in small and medium-sized companies in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, you should absolutely have German language skills.

Here are some tips and a template for your CV.